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    Precision milling and boring expert, achieving comprehensive performance



    The deep hole boring represented by the coaxial hole system of the box parts is an important part of the metal cutting process. The PB/HB series of CNC milling and boring machine produced by Newway CNC equipment adopts the classic layout and can be easily completed: boring and milling diversified processing such as drilling, tapping and curved surfaces, especially suitable for deep hole boring of complex and precision box parts. Besides, it is popular in key industries such as civil aviation, shipbuilding, railway, mining metallurgy, engineering machinery, new energy, etc.

    Product features

    1.Independent development of key components. Independently develop the spindle box, automatically shift gears, realize high-speed high-precision machining and easy switching of low-speed and high-torque processing; independently develop large-scale precision rotary table, to realize high-precision indexing, and improve the rotary accuracy by more than 30%.


    2.Excellent rigidity and precision. Large-span bed and double-column structure design, the rigidity is greatly improved; The use of rolling compound guide rail structure and international brand transmission parts, greatly improve the bearing capacity of the machine tool. Rotary mechanism adopts double gear clearance design to ensure accurate transmission. The rotary shaft is equipped with imported circular grating to ensure the accuracy of machine tools.

    3.Rich expansibility. The milling and boring machine developed by Neway CNC Equipment can be conveniently configured with various expansion functions, such as: tool magazine, CTS, high-precision rotary table with heavy load, right-angle milling head, universal milling head, spindle support sleeve, CNC flat rotary disc, etc. The abundant optional configuration greatly expands the technological scope of the machine tool.


    4.Craftsmanship. Neway controls the manufacturing process with professional assembly and debugging team; At the same time, the national standard is upgraded by 25% to ensure the high quality of each product.

    industry application

    PB/HB series CNC milling and boring machine is widely used in civil aviation, marine, petroleum equipment, valves, heavy machinery, metallurgy, new energy, engineering machinery and other general machinery processing industries. It is suitable for precision machining of large and medium-sized cabinets, housings, and bases.




    Neway CNC Equipment’s milling and boring machine models continue to enrich. For more details, you are welcome to contact us for consultation and negotiation.

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